About Jumjournal

Nowadays online blogging is an amazing platform for the people who seek for knowledge, also for the people who want to share their insight views and ideas with everyone in this world. In this modern world online platform is the place where people from all classes, ages, occupations and all mindsets can come along together. Anyone on this planet can learn about many things as well as can share their thoughts with the rest of the world by online blogging. As internet or online world is one of the best source or platform of knowledge and information, we should connect with this open platform. In this way, online medium can be a great way by which we can make people from the various places to know about our beloved Chittagong Hill Tracts as well as it’s self-identifying arts and cultures.

What we believe can not make us free thinkers but the ability to change our beliefs according to new knowledge and information. True Practicing of knowledge requires self-respect and respect to others as well. To establish your argument please make sure that you maintain a minimum level of condition that holds respect to other’s opinion. We hope our jumjournal.com would be a great platform for such kind of activities as we maintain some rules and regulations.

Point to be noted that people from abroad as well as most of the people of Bangladesh don’t know true and real things happening with the jumma people like us. This is high time we uphold the true and real condition of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Letting people know about the original history and true story of jumma people we can make this really happen. So, jumjournal can play an important role in this case.

It is noteworthy for everyone of you especially for jumma people that this website is not really a personal and communal or organizational website. It is a website of those people who will really work for Chittagong Hill Tracts and jumma people as well. So, anyone of you can easily play a role of authority through your best participation in this blog site. Of course, the entrepreneurs of this blog site that means people who came along with the idea of this amazing blog site will have a supreme authority in any case where it is necessary.

We cordially thank you to be connected with jumjournal community.