What is Jumjournal?

Jumjournal is an online archive and cultural platform which promotes the cultural diversity of world indigenous people.


Why is Jumjournal?

To strengthen the bond among the diverse indigenous communities.

To organize all resources in one place.

To conserve and promote our own culture of different communities.

To make the people from different corners of the world know about us.

To share ideas and thoughts among different communities to the world for a better world.

To let new generations explore our own culture.

To make people feel their own identity that they never felt that way.

Our Vision

To make the largest online archive and cultural station of Indigenous people in the world.


Our Mission

The first milestone – to bring all the cultural resources of Chittagong hill tracts including books, audio music, videos, documentaries, photos, stories, lifestyle and struggles of people of C.H.T, historical content, etc.

The second milestone – to make indigenous communities of whole Bangladesh connected with Jumjournal.

Final milestone – Make all the indigenous communities around the world come together in one platform and bridge the gap among them.


Future projects of Jumjournal

Establishing a resourceful library.

Learning mother language.

Working with Wikipedia.

Building a research center for C.H.T.

Honoring intellect.

Reviving and promoting cultural stuff.

The Chittagong Hill Tracts in Map.



A platform of indigenous knowledge will be established

Indigenous culture will be promoted

All indigenous communities will come under one platform

Our culture will transform into the new generation to come.

Online biased information about C.H.T affairs can be overcome.

Through the English blog, our cultural spirit will spread to the whole world

Books will come out from the book self to people’s hands.

All types of documents will be preserved from any miss happening.

A great online archive will be established.

It will help further future research work.

knowing about indigenous culture will be just a google search away.

Mother languages will be learned in an effective and fun way.


It is noteworthy for every one of you especially for indigenous people that this website is not really a personal and communal or organizational website. It is a website of those people who will really work for the Chittagong Hill Tracts and indigenous people as well. So, anyone of you can easily play a role of authority through your best participation in this online platform. Of course, the entrepreneurs of this platform who came along with the idea of this amazing online archive and platform will have supreme authority in any case where it is necessary.




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