Poem: The Rebel and a Painting


The Rebel and a Painting

Borendra Lal Tripura

A painting is a venture and joyful bliss

That embodies the passion of an artist.

A painting is a rapture of creativity

That an artist creates with skillful sketch.

It’s the expression of life-

Joy and sorrows, love and separation,

Beauty and darkness as He intends-

Depicted with the touch of color and brush.


I’ve seen the painting on a rainbow,

I’ve seen the rainbow looking at the Earth.

The human races are the brush of the great artist,

And the diversity of languages, cultures and dresses

That depict the feeling and consciousness

Of the artist- His passion, imagination and concept of beauty

Being the color of the painting.

So the whole world is a rainbow,

A great painting of the greatest Artist.


Do you want to wipe out a color from the painting?

Which color you want to be faded out?

Do you want to destroy the design?

Or hinder the flow of His emotion?

Are you greater artist than Him  or a Rebel?

21 October, 2006/Dhaka
The Rebel and a Painting – 2008


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